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CTNET-BTMS DC 24V Rooftop Battery Cooling System For Electric Bus

Function:battery cooling

Application:6-12m Electric Bus

Refrigerating capacity:2~12KW Variable frequency adjustable

Refrigerant: R410a

Outlet temperature range:15-25℃

High Voltage: DC350V-750V

Structure: All aluminum alloy

Power Supply:50A

Low Voltage: DC12V/24V
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Product Overview
Customized cooling capacity KW 2~4KW Variable frequency adjustable 4~6KW Variable frequency adjustable 6~8KW Variable frequency adjustable 8~10KW Variable frequency adjustable 10~12KW Variable frequency adjustable
Condensing air volume (m3/h) 2000 2000 4000 4000 6000
Rated input power KW ≤1.6KW ≤2.7 KW ≤3.6 KW ≤4.6 KW ≤5.6 KW
Circulating water volume L/min 20 water-lift ≥10m 20 water-lift ≥10m 20 water-lift ≥10m 20 water-lift ≥10m 20 water-lift ≥10m
Input power DC350~750V DC350~750V DC350~750V DC350~750V DC350~750V
Control power supply DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V
Refrigerant / charge R410a/350g  R410a/350g  R410a/780g R410a/780g R410a/1.1kg
Outlet temperature range  15~25 adjustable 15~25 adjustable 15~25 adjustable 15~25 adjustable 15~25 adjustable
Applicable models 6 ~ 12m electric bus


DC 24V Rooftop Battery Cooling System For Electric Bus

1. Especially designed battery cooling system for the electric bus; 2. control the temperature of electric bus battery;

3. Guarantee the Battery Pack Life;



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Jingzhou Chutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of air conditioners, such as air conditioners for rail transit train, electric passenger car air conditioners, pure electric logistics vehicle refrigerating units, and battery thermal management systems.



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Battery Thermal Management System
Battery Thermal Management System
Split Electric Bus AIr Conditioner
Split Electric Bus AIr Conditioner
Split Truck Air Conditioner
Split Truck Air Conditioner


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